Pop Art Re/Deconstruct Shirt

Ossu guys! This will be my first post for my blog. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The first week’s project is to deconstruct and reconstruct men’s shirt to a whole new piece of garment. Deconstruct and reconstruct means to either take the whole garment apart or a part of it to make a new one. The class was divided into groups, each group get a client that we’re given the measurements of. The client will be a part of a choir that will perform in an event with Pop Art as the theme. The garments will then be shown to the client who will choose which design they would like to wear.

Like everyone else, I started to drape the shirt on a mannequin to figure out what will work while taking photos of each drapes that I did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These drapes were what inspires me for the final garment. After doing some rough sketches, I decided to use this drape as my main inspiration.20160705_134435

After some more sketches and consultations with my lecturer, I decided that I needed one more shirt to complete my garment. At this point, I haven’t choose what colour my final look will be, so I decided to dye it later.

I pick yellow and purplish grey as my colour, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s works, but I feel that it doesn’t have that pop feeling, since the theme is Pop Art. So, I bought two more printed fabric that more or less give me the pop feel and combine it with my design. So, this is my final look.

I want to preserve the collar, cuffs, sleeves, and plackets so I use them in this design. As you can see the collar was made of cuffs of the original shirt, half of the sleeves makes the halter for this dress. The original collar is placed on top of the bust and the plackets of the original shirts becomes the side seams as well as an opening for the dress. The front part have two inverted pleats, inside is the printed fabrics that will show when the wearer do some big movements. The remaining sleeves are turned into waistband. For the back, I have to draft and sew another collar that connects to the front collar, due to the measurement of the client it became rather big, so you can’t really see the full back part on the mannequin. To make sure that the back part doesn’t have too much volume, I did some Lozenge smocking for the upper part of the printed fabric.

Overall, the design of this garment was not to my liking. I am not a colourful person to begin with, so designing something that requires colours to be use is quite a challenge to me. But, this is a new experience and I have learned some lessons about deconstruct and reconstructing. For me, these kind of technique are very unique and fun, but it also have some difficulties when I have to make things somehow work.

Using the clothes I made as inspiration, I make a three looks collection for this Pop Art project. Below are my mood board and illustrations for it.pop art illustpop art moodboard

Well, that summarises the my first assignment, see you in my next post.


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