Zero Waste

Ossu guys! For this week it’s the Zero Waste project. Zero waste are design technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage, so in the end you won’t get any scrap fabrics. The fashion industry is the second largest generator of pollution and wastes that did massive impact to both nature and human resources. So through this technique the fabric are completely used and no waste would be made.

To start with this project I plan how my pattern will be in my sketchbook. Of course, there are other ways to make zero waste garment, you can get some ideas from some of the zero waste designers like Holly McQuillan’s digital print, Julian Roberts’ subtraction cutting, Mark Liu’s jigsaw cutting, and many more. But I stick with planning the pattern that I will cut first.20160727_195120

After planning it’s time to draw the pattern on the real fabric. I start with the dress, which is much simpler and easier.20160721_103630

I use a 1 meter of 1.25 meter width cotton fabric and start with drawing the pattern. After sewing, this is what it looks like.

Due to the length of the fabric I had to add a zipper on the centre back because it literally won’t be wearable. Because I had some leftover fabric from the facings, I used it to make belt loops. For the bottom part of the armhole I used bias tape to clean finish it.

Moving on to the jacket, I use 1.50 by 1.50 meter of black cotton twill. Starting with a kimono sleeved pattern and traced it to the fabric. I draw another line for the armhole and begin cutting.

From this point on I had to improvise because it didn’t go as planned. So, this is more or less how the pattern looks like.20160727_195149

I didn’t manage to use all of the fabric, I wasted the neck hole part and some of the fabric beside the back side seams. This is how the finished garments looks like.

I added a waistband using the fabric I cut from my previous subtraction cutting project because I think the dress looks like an apron if I didn’t add something on the waist since the dress have rectangular shape.

Overall, I don’t like the dress, it might look better if I use longer fabric and thicker fabric. For the jacket I still have to improve how to not make any waste, because some of my classmates did waste the neck hole part too. It should be possible to make separate yokes on the center back with the waste from the back side seams.Well, I think that’s all for today. See you in my next post!


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