Arts & Science Museum Singapore

Ossu guys! It’s field trip day! Yeah! So, today me and my whole class went to the Arts & Science Museum Singapore in Marina Bay to check out three exhibitions, Future World, Big Bang Data, and The Art & Science of Gems by Van Cleef & Arpels.

The first exhibition that I went into was Future World, it is a permanent exhibition of interactive digital art installation. This exhibition was my favourite of the three exhibition that I went to, the art there are have a very fantasy feel and lots of colours here and there that I absolutely love.

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Oh! In the end of this exhibition is the magnificent finale, the Space! It is an art installation of hundreds thousands of LED lights that reacts to motion. It feels like I’m floating in the universe!


The next exhibition is the Big Bang Data, an exhibition about what data means to us. It shows ways data is generated, visualised, and understood through the works of artists, designers, journalists, and innovators. Here I understand more about the world of data, where informations gather and how it impacts our world. The arts here are pretty interesting, there is one that I took a liking to that shows how data is stored through the ages.20160808_153631

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The last exhibition is the Art & Science of Gems by Van Cleef & Arpels, it is a jewellery exhibition that shows the inter-relationship of science of mineralogy and art of crafting fine jewellery and gems. They displayed over 450 pieces of jewellery with seven themes. The jewelries are very skilfully made and some are historical pieces that shows the trends of its era. This is some of my favourite piece.

There are also raw gem stones from around the world in display that are very beautiful.

Well, that’s all for the visit to Arts & Science Museum. See you in my next post!


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