Fabric Manipulation

Ossu guys! A few weeks ago I made some fabric manipulation for my school project that is related to the upcoming capsule collection that I’m going to do. I made 7 manipulations in total, using different technique for each one. The inspiration for my capsule collection is insect, so this fabric manipulation has the same inspiration.


My first manipulation is made using chiffon and PVC. First, I draw the pattern on a small piece of PVC and cut them up. After smoothing the sharp edges, I arrange them on an A3 chiffon and stick them with fabric glue.


The second manipulation is made using small PVC pipes and a piece of white A3 stretch cotton. I start with making points for grid and start with sewing the PVC with a hand needle and white thread. I make sure that I cut the pipes about 2 cm longer than the length of the grid so that it curves up.


The third manipulation is made using beadings. I started with drawing the patterns and mix 5 colours of beads that have the same hues. After that I started beading the pattern with the mixed beads so that I got random coloured beads for the lines. I am trying to imitate the wings of insects for this one, but I don’t really like how this turns out because from far it looks like leaves. I think this method can be used for huge patterns better.


My fourth manipulation is done with the slashing technique, I begin with drawing the line on the wrong side of the PVC fabric to mark where I will cut. After cutting, I folded some of them and stitch them down with rhinestones and pearls for the bottom one. I also added more rhinestones on both sides.


The fifth manipulation is made using PVC. Same with the previous one, I start with drawing the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and cut it using cutter. After carefully cutting each pattern, I start arranging them and cross stitch them back on the empty space on the fabric using contrast coloured thread. By stitching back the pattern that I cut out, it makes the fabric have more texture than just having holes.


The sixth manipulation is made from PVC and wool fabric. I start with drawing the pattern on a paper, cut it and I’ll get 3 pieces pattern. The next step is to cut the middle pattern in half, spread them out and trace another them. After that I cut the fabric using the pattern that I have and sew the middle two pattern together. Then, I cut strips of PVC fabric of 3 cm width and top stitch them onto the middle panel that I have sewn together. After I have stitch them full, I sew the other two panel together and top stitch them.20160820_132111

The last manipulation is made from PVC pipes and net. First I made ridges at the bottom of the A3 sized net by top stitching folded nets. After that I stitch another piece of net and make the bulges. Then I start to thread the PVC pipes through the holes and tie them at the end to secure it, for the upper part I thread them vertically and the middle part horizontally. This fabric manipulation have a different inspiration than the others, it is inspired by my trip to the Arts and Science Museum that I have posted a month ago. The exhibition that inspires this is the Future World exhibition, because there are so many colourful displays in a dark room that is so fantasy-like that make me think up of this manipulation.

So, that’s it for this post on fabric manipulation, I don’t think I’m going to use any of it in my capsule collection but it’s still fun to make and experiment. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!


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