SDC Competition: Zusammenfassen

Ossu guys! This year the Society of Dyers and Colourists Competition is open, I decided to participate in it and it will also be in my portfolio. When I submitted the project, I haven’t give it a name, so I have decided to name it Zusammenfassen, it is German for combine. The competition requires the collection to be sustainable with the theme of ‘Making it Personal’.

Zusammenfassen Mood Board

The inspiration for Zusammenfassen comes from Gerhard Richter’s abstract painting form 1979. The painting was build up of cumulative layers of non-representational painting that evolves along the way, using blurring and scraping to veil and expose the layers underneath.

From this inspiration, I made a fabric metamorphosis using scraps fabric from my previous works and what I can gather. I start with cutting the scraps into long pieces and arrange them on top of a water soluble stabiliser. After I am finish with arranging them I fold the stabiliser and pin it to hold the scraps together. The next step is to sew them, here I use different coloured threads and mix zig zag stitches, after I am finish sewing and making sure that there is no dangling scraps, I washed out the stabiliser with water and dry the fabric out.

SDC colorboard.jpg
Zusammenfassen Colour Board

The colour story for the collection is taken from the fabric metamorphosis and I added blue to make the colour more contrasting.

The instruction from SDC is to just submit one illustration, but I was thinking of making it unisex so I made two design, one man and one woman. So, here’s the illustration and the technical drawing of the design.

Illustration SDC.jpg
Zusammenfassen Illustrations and Technical Drawings

Although I didn’t make it to the regional heats, I have gained a lot of experience and lessons from this competition. I have never design a sustainable collection before and furthermore the theme was quite difficult to apply to the design so I really learned a lot from this competition. That’s all for this post, see you in the next post!


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