Capsule Collection Development & Sketches

Ossu guys! The last post I have explained what my inspiration for my capsule collection is and this post is about the development and sketches for the capsule collection. I will start with the first batch of sketches.

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The first batch of sketches didn’t turn out like I wanted, there are too much evening wear and the silhouette are predictable and always pinched on the waist for the women’s wear. There are some that I like, but since my aim is to make a casual wear collection, I didn’t use the first batch of sketches. After some consultation, my lecturer recommend that I make collages from insects’ pictures to try and find a new silhouette to further develop my design.


I made 6 collages, 4 women and 2 men, from cut out insect pictures that I find from the internet and pasted it on body templates. This collages helps me a lot when I was doing the next batch of sketches and it gives me a more solid pictures of what kind of silhouettes that I can play with. From this collages, I have drawn more sketches that are exactly what I aim for. Here are some of the sketches.

I realise that I didn’t sketch a lot than I usually do and every sketch are pretty strong by using this method. In my previous projects, I always sketch a lot and sometimes there are even designs that does not relate to the others. So, making the collage was very helpful in my development for my capsule collection and I’ll be sure to use them for other future projects also.

After sketching, the looks will be chosen and I will make the toile. While making the toile, I will sketch more so that the option to choose from will grow. The next post will be my first look, see you in the next post!


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