Ubiquitous Arthropod: Toile 1 Development

Ossu guys! This post is about the development of my first toile for my Capsule Collection, which I have named Ubiquitous Arthropod. There will be a total of 6 toile and this is the first look and first toile.


The first look is a combination of a high-neck dress and a cropped jacket. So at first I was thinking of using normal fabric that drapes for the hip panel of the dress, but my lecturer say “why don’t you use stretch fabric?”, I have never used stretch fabric before since I really like a more structured design and stretch fabric can’t really do that. But, in the I tried to search for a way to search them by looking into the Pattern Magic book, the Stretch Fabric version by Tomoko Nakamichi. I come across some techniques that I really like and I think will go well with my collection, the Sharp and Snappy technique.

I use the Sharp and Snappy C for the hip panel on the dress and the Sharp and Snappy D for the sleeve on the jacket.

Because I don’t really know what kind of stretch fabric to use, I decided to buy 2 fabric with different thickness and stretch ability. I use different fabric for each panel of the dress to see how it drapes.20160823_181056-crop

After seeing how it drapes, I choose to use the thick fabric because it took a more structured shapes than the thin one.

For the jacket, I didn’t use stretch fabric and just use the normal calico. This is how the sleeve turns out.


I ended up making the sleeve too small, so I have to add a zipper or vent so that the hand can go through.

To raise the neckline of the dress I use TR cutting which I have learned earlier this term. I use paper and masking tape to shape the neckline and also make the cut line for the dress.

So, that’s the development of my first toile. It was very nice to see how it develop and no to mention the colours for the collection won’t be white of course, since this is just the prototype I’m still thinking about the colours I will use. Well then, see you in the next post!


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