Ubiquitous Arthropod: Toile 2 Development

Ossu guys! This post is about my second look and toile for Ubiquitous Arthropod. Did I mention that this collection is a mix of men and women’s collection? I think I did. So moving on, the second look is menswear!

Scan 66.jpeg

The look consists of a jacket and pants, everything was drafted there are no TR cutting involved in this one so I don’t have photos of the processes. I still use the same Sharp and Snappy technique from the Pattern Magic book by Tomoko Nakamichi on the side panel of the pants, same with the one I use for the first look. 20160901_155525 copy.jpg

I also use different fabric for each side panel of the pants, but I didn’t have a clear picture of the side panels. The result of the side panels was not what I was expecting the gap between the ridges was too big so it didn’t shape well, so I have to change that when I do my real one.


For the jacket, I make a floating panel from the same cut lines panels that connects from the front to the back. I also added an inseam pocket on both of the front cutline to add functionality that all menswear should have. I only sew the pleated pocket and flap on one side because I don’t think it looks relevant to my design, so I’m planning to change them into pockets that is more relevant to the overall design.

I also use two ways to make the sleeves, the left picture is a two piece sleeve and the right one is a three piece sleeve. This allows me to see how the different patterns will look in the real garment later on. Personally I prefer the three piece sleeve, but we’ll see how it comes along. See you guys in the next post!


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