Ciputra World Fashion Week 2016

Ossu guys! Last night I just went to the Ciputra World Fashion Week 2016 first night of show, held in Ciputra World Mall Surabaya. There were several designers that held their fashion show last night, like Allegra Jane, Vimala, Peggy Hartanto, and FizziWoo which also show their menswear line Woo Brothers.

The first collection was by Allegra Jane, the overall collection looks quite good and the play on colour are very interesting. You can see Modernism as her inspiration from the prints that she use, overall it was simple yet interesting.


The next collection was Vimala S/S 17 for menswear, I was quite taken by surprise to see such a unique collection that effeminate menswear to this extent. The choice of neon colours paired with monochromatic colour was not a very good choice. Furthermore, the choice of footwear was also very shocking. Despite that it was a creative and eye-catching collection that is quite daring, I must say.


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The third collection was by Peggy Hartanto, a rising young designer that graduated from Raffles Australia. The collection uses a cool colour pallet combined with warm earth pallet, which is a good combination. I can see some very interesting silhouette going on and of course there’s her signature style on some of the pieces. It was a great collection, very clean and sophisticated.


The next collection was my favourite collection of all the show, the Woo Brothers and FizziWoo. The Wo Brothers is a menswear line of FizziWoo, by far this is the best menswear collection that I have seen in Surabaya. The collection was very clean cut, neat and playful casual menswear, the colours used are very well thought and the overall collection really comes together. I really like how they play with their abstract black and white printed fabric on the suit and pants, as well as the bomber jacket and pants combination. Oh, and the overall light baby pink look was a little bit off but it is still in a one collection when you see it together with the other looks.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I was very happy to get to attend the fashion show while I am in Surabaya, the show was great and well planned. In addition the collection shown are very inspiring and unique. Well, that’s it for today’s post, see you guys in the next post!


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