Ubiquitous Arthropod: Toile 4 Development

Ossu guys! This is the development of my fourth toile and my last womenswear for this collection, it’s a top and a pants.

Scan 71.jpeg

For this look, I drafted everything. I also use the same sharp and snappy technique from Pattern Magic for stretch fabric by Tomoko Nakamichi for the hip panels on the pants.


I need to work on the part below the stretch fabric that is supposed to be protruding out more. I also think it is not fitted enough, even though I already use the slack pattern for the pants. I think I will consult more about this with my lecturer.


For the top, I need to make it more fitted to the body because you can see the bust from a side view. I also think the upper sleeve are not big enough, I want a really big upper sleeve and really tight on the wrist. There are a lot of work to do on this one.

I have to start thinking of the colours I’ll use for this collection, I hope I don’t turn to black again. I also need to search for fabrics and other stuff I might need to make this collection. I will keep an update about the search, see you guys in the next post!


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