Ubiquitous Arthropod: Toile 3 Development

Ossu guys! This is the development of my third look and toile for my capsule collection, Ubiquitous Arthropod. The look consists of a dress with a unique silhouette.


I begin with raising the neckline using TR cutting, the same way I use when I made the first look. Using papers and masking tape, I carefully raise it and draw the cutlines according to my design.

After I am sure that it looks exactly how I wanted it to be, I take the dress off the mannequin.20160906_110615

I had to curve out the shoulder seam to make it look according to my design. After defining and smoothing out the cutlines, I start cutting them. I also use the same sharp and snapy technique from the Pattern Magic book for stretch fabric by Tomoko Nakamichi for the sleeve.jfghd

After finishing the toile, I realised that the facing was very rough because of the cutlines and hard interfacing that I use to make the whole thing stands. So, I have to make the whole interfacing into one piece so it looks smooth.sdhgkj

I am very happy with how this third look turns out, even if there are some parts that needs changes. I guess that’s it for my third look, see you in the next post!


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