Kenzo X H&M Pop-Up Showcase

fn1Ossu guys! Yesterday, I went to see the showcase of the collaboration collection between Kenzo and H&M at ION Orchard. The showcase are installed at the level 1 atrium and it is open to public until 3 November, which is the release date for the collection at all H&M stores worldwide. Next to the installation, there is a Photo Booth set up for you guys to snap pictures and create GIFs with Kenzo X H&M prints.

There are 7 looks displayed in glass boxes that lights up when someone approach the box, each boxes contains a look with similar print for the background. The collection itself was very eclectic with all the prints and the vibrant colour palette to match, this collection is the presentation of youth itself.


I really love this orange kimono jacket with the leopard print, it is one of the pieces that I would love to wear. The medium sized pouch is also an interesting piece that give a plus point to the look.


This look is also one of the most wearable from my point of view, it’s modest yet very youthful in a way.


For me, this look is the best compared to the other menswear. I love everything from the jacket to the tee, the bag are also a plus point and most of all the print is what gives the cyber street kind of vibe to the overall look.


I would really love to buy one of the items from this collection, either the orange leopard printed kimono jacket or the black romper dress or even the black men’s bomber jacket. How about you guys? Which one do you like to buy? What do you think about the collection? Answer in the comments and I’ll see you guys in the next post!


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