Ubiquitous Arthropod: Toile 6 Development

Ossu guys! This is my last toile for my capsule collection, Ubiquitous Arthropod. It’s also menswear to balance the whole collection. The look consisted of jacket and pants.


For this look, I use the same sharp and snappy technique that I used for several of the previous looks on the panel of the jacket’s sleeves and also on the pants. The jacket and pants are both drafted.03

For the pants, my lecturer suggests that I try to use a curved leg pattern to make the pants fit a bit better. All I do was take in the inner seam of the pants, 1 cm in the knee lines and about above and below it, so in total I took in 3 cm and it resulted in a curved pants pattern.

For this look I didn’t have to change anything probably, I will update you guys if there are changes that need to be done. See you guys in the next post!


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