Ubiquitous Arthropod

Hey guys! This post will be dedicated to my capsule collection, Ubiquitous Arthropod that I have done in the past five months. I will give a little explanation about the processes that I have done in this collections, the trial and errors that I have faced and how the collection came to be.

Ubiquitous Arthropod: Mood Board

Ubiquitous Arthropod is a collection  inspired by insects, aiming at a rather casual style rather than evening style. Through making this collection, I have developed how I design with making collages to figure out new silhouette that did not even crossed my mind.

Ubiquitous Arthropod: Colour Board

The colours that I chose, I did realise that it make a very dark mood but using bright colours is a bit difficult for me. This might be a challenge for me to face in the next collection I might do.

I didn’t find any difficulties with my fabric since I already know the fabric that I want to use for this collection. I use wools, duchess, lycra, knits, a textured shiny fabric and a thick stretch fabric, just for the duchess I use the wrong side because it does not have much shine.

Burnt organza sample

I did face quite a hard time to figure out the fabric manipulation I can use for this collection. I did samples while working on my first look, I tried using the bright colours that I am not familiar with for the embroidery yet it did not work. After finishing my first look’s jacket, I did the burnt organza sample, I feel that it works with the jacket and the inspiration so I decided to use it.

After finishing with my first look, again, I face a hard time with the fabric manipulation for the second look. I tried to use the burnt organza but it destroys the balance of the piece, I made samples of the burnt organza combined with beading but it still didn’t work. So, I decided to use embroidery of insect wing’s pattern and it turns out well.

Embroidery 2 sample

For the third look, I thought that it might be better to use the burnt organza again to connect with the first look, but it didn’t work as well. In the end I use the same embroidery from the second look on the shoulder panel and decided that the burnt organza is not suitable for menswear.

Third look burnt organza manipulation trial

For the fourth look, because I have an interesting side seam and I want to emphasise it I use the embroidery and make it look fading.

Here are the illustrations of the whole looks of Ubiquitous Arthropod.

Ubiquitous Arthropod: Illustrations

That’s all for my capsule collection, I learned a lot from this and I hope I can improve much more in the next collections.

I will post my entries for the Levi’s Made and Crafted Design Competition and the Artyzen Habitat Competition in the next posts. See you!


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