Sourcing Trip to Hong Kong: Day 2

13 February, the first day I will be sourcing at Sham Sui Po, the meeting time was at 9 a.m. but some people were late including me, so the small group of late people went there with one of the lecturers. When we arrived there we were guided around the place and shown the stores that previous students get most of their fabrics, trimmings, and even leather, like PITC (trimmings), Alri Star (leather for belts and leather tools), Cyber (buttons, buckles, eyelets, etc.), Wa Fat (shirting and mens’ fabrics), Moon Yue (silk, evening fabrics, etc.), and the Yen Chow Fabric Market (fabrics and trimmings). But, there are so many other stores that we can check out by ourselves.

Before we went to Hong Kong we got a map of the area that shows us where most of the stores are and as a guide so we don’t get lost.

20170223_203830Since our last stop is the Yen Chow Fabric Market, I started searching for samples of fabrics there. I got several samples and went to Moon Yue, there I met with my lecturers and they help me develop my colour story. I bought a checkered organza fabric because only a 1.5 yard are left, and also found 4 fabrics that I will definitely use in my collection and told the shopkeeper to set them aside for me so people won’t buy them. It’s 1 p.m. and it’s time for lunch for the shopkeepers and most stores will close for a while until 2 p.m., so I head out to Dragon Centre to get something to eat too.

After lunch, I went back to the fabric market and search for more samples. I found a faux fur that I really like and at a pretty cheap price. After that I went to Wa Fat to see if there are any fabrics that I like, I got some samples and head back to Moon Yue again. While heading there, I also went to other stores and collect more samples.

While heading to Moon Yue, I met with the lecturers and they  take us to a Dah Hwa, a leather shop where they sell leather for clothes. I saw a leather with printed snake skin pattern that I really like but, I didn’t use it in the end. After seeing leather and furs, I went back to the hotel after getting dinner and that concludes my second day in Hong Kong and first day of sourcing fabric in Sham Sui Po.

Leather at Dah Hwa

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