Sourcing Trip to Hong Kong: Day 6 & Last Day

Day 6 starts early in the morning with me and my friends going to SF Shipping service to get boxes to ship our fabrics. Since our fabrics can’t really fit into our luggages, we decided to ship it back to Singapore. After getting the boxes we went back to the hotel and set the pick up time for the courier. We went to Sham Sui Po after that because I need to buy several fabrics and also search for buttons that I will use in my collection.

20170217_130220I went to Wa Fat first to buy my fabric and then went around searching for buttons at Cyber and Winner Buttons. I bought some shirt buttons at Winner Buttons and also coat buttons. At Cyber I bought coat buttons and hook and bar for pants.

buttonsAfter lunch, I went around the shops near Dragon Centre to see if I can find more interesting buttons and I did find and bought two types of buttons. I also bought chains for one of my designs. After that I went and collect the fabrics that I bought and left at Moon Yue the day before and went back to the hotel to pack my fabrics for shipping.


Last day of the sourcing trip, we went to the airport at 11 a.m. for our flight at 2 p.m. We arrived safely in Singapore by 6 p.m. and went home to unpack and prepare for the next few busy weeks.


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